The iconic bow-tied French DJ and producer X.Guardians, real name Cyril de Guardia, a lawyer in his own right, has enjoyed meteoric success in the international music industry in recent years, propelling him from courtrooms to festival mainstages.

With deeply emotive rhythms, captivating melodies and boldly hypnotic subtleties, X.Guardians stylishly revives the essence of dance and techno.

Passionate about music from an early age, playing guitar and bass in various rock and hard rock bands during his teenage years, he gradually converted to the production of electronic music and soon succumbed to the siren call of the turntables, influenced by artists such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, David Guetta and Lost Frequencies.
He first appeared on the scene in 2021, releasing his first self-produced tracks, soon attracting the attention of international labels such as Alveda Music and BeWild Records, notably with the release of his EP « Hathor », which immediately climbed to #15 in the Top 100 Trance chart of the prestigious Beatport website, #76 in the Top 100 Hype Trance chart, and the single « For You » entered the Top 100 Trance Tracks of the Year.

Following this inevitable rise to prominence, X.Guardians signed with Spanish label Blanco y Negro, a world-renowned electronic music magnate and promoter of the « Unite with Tomorrowland » world music festival. In 2022, he released no less than 5 new tracks with Blanco y Negro Music, one of which, « Music is the Cure », was ranked number 1 release on Tomorrowland One World Radio.

X.Guardians’ extensive discography is a testament to his talent as a hit-maker, and includes numerous successes such as Uchronia which, in 2023, reached number 4 in the world charts on the Beatport website, and has been played and supported by world-renowned artists such as Alexander Popov and LUMBERJACK.
His « Initiatic Journey » album, also released in 2023, is a stand-alone work that testifies to his musical state of mind, halfway between Techno and Trance, with smooth vocals, soaring melodies and stunning instrumentation. His singles « Hold On » and « Fighting With Ghosts » are the standard-bearers of his style, and quickly brought him to the attention of even more prestigious labels such as Interplay Records (Armada Music), gradually propelling him to the top of the charts, with his notable performance at the Electrobeach Music Festival, France’s biggest and most prestigious electronic music festival.

Continually blending originality with passion and absolutely deft precision, X.Guardians’ work ethic is second to none. If his catalog has already reached impressive heights in just a few years, so has his audience, and the producer never shows signs of slowing down. This artist is one to watch, and is sure to dominate the world’s main stages and festivals in the years to come, with 2024 set to continue and brighten X.Guardians’ presence worldwide.